Empowering women in business is my passion!

Hello, ladies! I’m Belle, your biz bestie, and I'm here sharing the
secret sauce I used to build my business to 6 figures. I've been a small business owner for 13 years! The first 6 I had a hairdressing salon and the next 7 yrs were spent as a freelance hairdresser. 2yrs ago I launched E-commerce brand Curly & Blonde and in the last 12 months has grown a staggering 580%!

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Glow & Grow: MarketHER Society!

A dedicated space for female business owners to master marketing strategies. Dive into expert
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Collaborate, learn, and elevate your business with fellow fempreneurs.
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Meet Alberta, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 13 years of thriving success. Hear what she has to share about her transformative journey with my coaching

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Are you ready to Get Bossed?

I had so much fun being part of Angie Giltner The Girl With The Purple Hair Talks Business podcast. During this episode, I talk about why you should get friendly with your accountant, shared resources I believe every business should have in their toolbox and other tips that will help new entrepreneurs get started.

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