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Why you should get friendly with your accountant!

Get friendly with your accountant. You want to build a great relationship with your accountant so you know you can comfortably go to them with any question, no matter how silly you might feel asking the question.

My accountant's name is Deb and I've lost count of how many years I've been with her. Deb keeps me on the straight and narrow with my obligations as a ABN holder and I just love her! We chat about our travels and funny things that are going on in our lives and I can tell Deb cares. She makes sure I know in advance the important tax dates, any changes to the superannuation guarantee, and what insurance I'm required for staff. She's played a huge role in me being on top of my finances.

As my business has grown, I've hired a bookkeeper because I know who I am as a person. I really don't enjoy dealing with numbers and these guys are good at what they do! Learn to out source the jobs you don't like and will ultimately procrastinate on or not do.

In my early years of business, I've been in business since 2010, I made a mess of my financials. You, and I cant stress this enough, absolutely must stay on top of your business financials and government tax obligations!!

If you don't understand your tax obligations or numbers hurt your head, you need to find some help! Working with a great accountant is essential because they have all the tax answers and can teach you! You can also find a lot of info on the ATO Website and if you really get stuck call them on 13 72 26. I've found them to be helpful and know from personal experience they appreciate honest communication if you're in a pickle with your tax.

My accountant Deb's details are below..

Debbie Duncan - Agilis Executive Tax Manager


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