Belle Cameron

Ex Hair & Beauty Salon Owner // Freelance Hairdresser // Female Focused Business Coach

Hello, ladies! I’m Belle, your biz bestie, and I'm here sharing the
secret sauce I used to build my business to 6 figures. I've been a small business owner for 13 years! The first 6 I had a hairdressing salon and the next 7 yrs were spent as a freelance hairdresser. During the last 18 months, I've launched E-commerce brand Curly & Blonde and it's now bigger than I could've imagined.

I launched Curly & Blonde right before I began a 3 month recovery from a shoulder reconstruction. I took a big risk and poured most of my savings into the launch. I'll say this... if it was easy, everyone would do it! Being uncomfortable is where the magic happens anyway. Fast forward to now and I've found my purpose teaching other women how to regain their freedom and build profitable businesses that they love working in.


 Belle Cameron Shadow boxing


My Journey: Snips, Sales, and Strategies
My business journey has been a wild ride. From the salon chair to the digital world of e-commerce, my path has been anything but easy. A life-altering sporting injury that was the unexpected catalyst, that completely changed my perspective on income, impact, and independence. If I couldn't physically work I was stuffed!

Female in hospital bed

Catalyst for Change
Pouring most of my savings into launching my e-commerce store amidst a 3 month recovery from a shoulder reconstruction was a gamble that paid off, evolving into a thriving business within 18 months. Now, I’m pulling back the curtain to reveal the secret sauce to my strategies, systems, and soulful practices that created my success.

Why Me?
- Experience: 13 Years real life hair & beauty business owner and 18 month e-commerce business owner.
- Resilience: The only difference between success and failure
- Empathy: I consider myself a highly intuitive, empath
- Marketing Strategy: Does anyone know about your product/service?

Let’s Create Magic!
 We'll create real-world strategies that I've successfully used in my 13 years running businesses, boost your confidence, and pave a path that aligns with your dreams and values.


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  • 2010 - Launched my first hair & beauty salon
  • 2020 - Life altering Sports Injury
  • 2021 - Launched E-commerce brand Curly & Blonde
  • 2023 - E-commerce product business exploded